Arbicon ADR Ltd

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ARBICON can represent you by firstly evaluating your dispute, providing opinion on the pro's and cons and strategy to adopt prior to initially NEGOTIATING with the other party.

Part of the evaluation process is to collate your EVIDENCE which might include an ADVISORY EXPERT REPORT. For example, where the Contractor or Sub-Contractor has been terminated or has walked out it is important to record what the state of works is at that point in time. Arbicon are experts on the LAW of EVIDENCE and what is required to successfully prosecute formal proceedings.

If an agreement cannot be reached or you choose to go straight into battle we can start an ADJUDICATION or ARBITRATION immediately and represent you through the entire process.

If circumstances demand it, we can also organise a MEDIATION and take you through that process too.

If you are in COURT PROCEEDINGS we can assist you where you are a litigant in person, as your EXPERT WITNESS or we can start an ADJUDICATION (Commercial parties only) which will shortcut your likely prolonged Court proceedings.

"ADJUDICATION can be started at any time so you do not need the permission of the Court".

We can also recommend the very best barristers who we work with on a regular basis.

"ARBICON can represent you in any aspect of Construction Dispute using their Construction, Commercial and Legal Expertise in Construction Contracts".