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What is Collaborate?

Put simply, Collaborate is where ARBICON take control of part, or all, of your Commercial Department, where we work out a tailor made package to suit your needs for an agreed fixed monthly fee.

Whether you are an established or growing firm, it is critical you achieve clarity on your monthly expenditure and reduce the risk of perilous cashflow hardship; that is the aim of our collaborative service. The lack of, or a poor, Quantity Surveyor will very quickly destroy your business, delegating the quantity surveying 'arm' of your firm to ARBICON will give you maximum commercial protection.

The ARBICON Collaborate Service provides not only traditional Quantity Surveying services and Contract Administration but also gives the added expertise on contracts, construction law, claims, delays, loss/expense and staff training. If the paying party pays up there are the added 'bolt-on' services by Arbicon's Debt Recovery Service and ADR services including Adjudication. From negotiating the contract to agreeing the Final Account that is Arbicon's business and is all part of the Collaborate Service.

ARBICON do not differentiate between large or small Clients and budgets; your success is our success. We aim to take your business to the next level keeping your house in order and make your profits increase.

Please get in touch to discuss how ARBICON can become an extension to "Your Commercial Department" and be your in-house legal team in this popular retained service package. ARBICON offers a bespoke package to every Client. Please call us on any of the above numbers or fill in our contact form and we will contact you at the earliest opportunity.