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Construction Adjudication

A fast cost-effective method of resolving construction contract disputes where rights are determined in circa 28 days without any pre-action protocol. The Adjudicator's decision is a powerful legally binding award that 99% of the time ends the dispute. Adjudication has grown into the most common method of dealing with construction disputes without the need for Court proceedings.

It is a specialist process however, that many lawyers are unfamiliar with, most adjudicators are Quantity Surveyors and it is recommended that you are represented by a Quantity Surveyor experienced in the process. Arbicon are such experienced Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Adjudicators and experts in representing Clients in all types of construction dispute in Construction Adjudication.

There is a statutory right to adjudicate at any time if you have a construction contract, even if there are no contract terms, which has been in force since 1st May 1998 by way of the Construction Acts, which give powerful rights to both Payment and Adjudication. Since that date there have been many legal precedents making the law more or less set in respect of construction adjudication law, which Arbicon are proud to have been involved in from the start, including having been involved in over two hundred adjudications.

The right to adjudicate at any time means that no Court is needed, if you are in Court proceedings you can simply start an adjudication and get the money, which in all the cases Arbicon have handled have resulted in the end of Court proceedings, legal costs halted and a pay out forced. Nothing can stop an adjudication except in very special jurisdictional circumstances.

Arbicon are experts in obtaining payment in default (what you asked for is what you get) using adjudication, quickly and cheaply including recovery of interest and costs (costs outside the adjudication proceedings or agreed costs) where the Late Payment Act or similar rights apply.

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